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  • Can UniteSquare CRM easily integrate with my website?

    Unite Square CRM provides custom-made Iframe forms that can be easily placed in your website with minimal effort. In the event that you are unable to add the code to your website submit a support ticket in our support staff will happily walk you through the steps of loading the form on your website.

  • What type of reports are available with Unite Square CRM?

    Unite Square CRM has various reporting systems on the initial dashboard when you login. This provides you with that high-level view of the source of your leads and how the leads are being worked with in your account. You will also be able to run a full report of leads by source and sales by source.

  • Can I import my contacts from another CRM?

    Yes, all you have to do is reach out to the support staff and we will work with you to get all your contacts imported directly into the Unite Square CRM.

  • What shouldn't I delete contacts from Unite Square CRM?

    You want to keep all of your contacts forever. You want to be able to track if a particular lead has ever enter in to your system. With the Unite Square CRM contacts that have already submitted through one of our forms will be automatically updated. So you will always want to know the initial path or a particular lead.

  • Can I customize my lead status type for my company?

    At Unite Square we pride ourselves on having a fully customizable system for our clients. Not every business has the same paths and statuses therefore we want our system to be fully customizable. You will be able to edit the lead status types in your account admin. This provides an extra level of customization for your business.

  • Can my task calendar in Unite Square CRM integrate with Google Calendar?

    This feature is unavailable at this time. We do have in the pipeline to have Google calendar sync for all your tasks that are set within the Unite Square CRM.

  • Can I track sales within my company?

    Yes, Unite Square CRM will have a report that you can run to verify sales by source. One of the sources can also be direct traffic. The sales amount will be manually entered in by the user that completes a transaction. You are able to run a report by any customized date range to provide you with the best results.

  • Can Unite Square build custom web forms for my company?

    Absolutely! Unite Square was founded on the idea that a CRM cannot be one-size-fits-all. Different organizations have different lead capture forms. So, with that in mind, we are open to any ideas that you may have and we will gladly work with you to custom build your lead capture forms.

  • Do you pro-rate your fee if I sign up half-way through the month?

    Your billing cycle will begin on the day your credit card is charged, rather than on the first of the month, so there is no need to pro-rate charges.

  • Do you offer refunds if I cancel before the current month is over?

    No. Billing is strictly by monthly units, so we neither pro-rate nor refund.

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