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Instant Setup

Get up and running in minutes with easy, out-of-the-box tools and support, then scale as you grow.

Unlimited Forms

Create as many forms as you need, with any permutation/combination of customized fields.

No Contracts

No binding contracts or agreements. This is a no strings attached, stress-free environment for your business.

Unite Square Enhanced Communication

Unite Square CRM does just that, unites the team by ensuring that all team members have access to current customer data. When an initial point of contact is not available, prospects may choose to back away rather than rehash their needs and past experiences.

Unite Square Robust Reporting

Because CRM systems collect and store all data in a centralized location, analyzing the data becomes much easier. CRM software provides the opportunity to schedule or manually generate data reports.

Unite Square Improved Organization

The better informed you are about your target audience, the easier they are to reach and provide with a positive experience. To successfully track each lead in today’s business environment, advanced CRM technology is a necessity.




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Discover how Unite Square is committed to your success. Learn how we can help you find, win, and keep customers to grow. We let you configure our CRM solution to best fit your needs. Whether you are small independent business or a growing team, we have scalable solutions to offer. Sign Up Today!

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Lead Lifecycle Management

Organize, track and grow your customer base using the Lead Lifecycle management capability that facilitates the complete process from lead inception to conversion all in real-time.

Plug & Play

Almost instantaneous set up and little to no time needed to integrate the Unite Square CRM tool within your business functions.

Source Tracking

Easily track where your valuable leads originated. Identify mediums/sources of incoming lead traffic and enhance your targeted marketing efforts.

Task Management

Make your daily task flow seamless with the Task tab feature. Organize and calenderize your calls, lead follow up's and more.

Faq Six important questions on application







Can UniteSquare CRM easily integrate with my website?

Unite Square CRM provides custom-made Iframe forms that can be easily placed in your website with minimal effort. In the event that you are unable to add the code to your website, please submit a support ticket and our support staff will happily walk you through the steps of loading the form on your website.

What type of reports are available with Unite Square CRM?

Unite Square CRM has various reporting systems on the initial dashboard when you login. This provides you with that high-level view of the source of your leads and how the leads are being worked with in your account. You will also be able to run a full report of leads by source and sales by source.

Can I import my contacts from another CRM?

Yes, all you have to do is reach out to the support staff and we will work with you to get all your contacts imported directly into the Unite Square CRM.

Why shouldn't I delete contacts from Unite Square CRM?

You want to keep all of your contacts forever. You want to be able to track if a particular lead has ever entered into your system. With the Unite Square CRM, contacts that have already been submitted through one of our forms will automatically be updated. So you will always want to know the initial path of a particular lead.

Can I customize my lead status type for my company?

At Unite Square we pride ourselves on having a fully customizable system for our clients. Not every business has the same paths and statuses therefore we want our system to be fully customizable. You will be able to edit the lead status types in your account admin. This provides an extra level of customization for your business.

Can I track sales within my company?

Yes, Unite Square CRM will have a report that you can run to verify sales by source. One of the sources can also be direct traffic. The sales amount will be manually entered in by the user that completes a transaction. You are able to run a report by any customized date range to provide you with the best results.

unite square crm empowering your sales process

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a relative term, meaning different things to different businesses. Unite Square's CRM tool encompasses robust sales and marketing strategy which is fully focused on retaining current customers and attracting new ones.

Unlimited custom fields

No limit on how you want to customize your data. Add as many fields as you'd like to make tracking easier for your business.

Single Screen Edits

Edit, Update & Save information related to your leads/contacts on one screen.

Mass Emails

The maximum mass email capability on other platforms is capped at 15,000. Our premium plan offers up to 20,000 mass emails per month.

Unlimited Contacts

While other CRM tools out there will limit the number of contacts/leads you can have, we offer unlimited contacts for every pricing plan. This makes Unite Square the only CRM tool that will grow as your company grows.

PICK A PLAN Choose the product that you really need!



$19 / month

2 Users

Adtl. User $10 / user / month

10,000 Contacts / Leads

1000 Mass Emails Per Month



$49 / month

unlimited Users

Adtl. User N/A

20,000 Contacts / Leads

5000 Mass Emails Per Month



$99 / month

unlimited Users

Adtl. User N/A

50,000 Contacts / Leads

10,000 Mass Emails Per Month

What our clients say?

United Square CRM is such an easy to use system. Their customer support has been great and helped me through all my needs. I highly recommend


What our clients say?

Their CRM system is so easy to use I was able to train my staff in a single call. Highly recommended for any size business!


What our clients say?

Their CRM system is so easy to use I was able to train my staff in a single call. Highly recommended for any size business!


What our clients say?

I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Unite Square. They have made my life so much easier with helping me implement their CRM and call tracking into my business. This is made our day-to-day business operations much more effective.