About Us

Unite Square CRM has been designed from the group up with customization in mind.
No two businesses are exactly alike. We work with you to build the best CRM for your company.

After years of working together on multiple projects, the members of our team decided it was time to create something that was simply superior in the world of CRM systems. We combined our knowledge of expert development with our experience in business, digital marketing and sales to create the most effective CRM.


At Unite Square we understand what needs to be in place for a strong and effective CRM system. We pooled our ideas after observing what other CRM systems lacked in customization and proper quantification. Any manual entry is plagued with clerical errors and those errors can be crucial to the bottom line thus, losing revenue. Our system is built on a user-friendly design with specific marketing analysis to drive sales growth. We help to improve relationships with current clients and develop relationships with potential clients.


Unite Square CRM is easily learned and keeps your data stored for analytics at a glance. We understand that each business is different, therefore, each CRM needs to be relevant to the needs of that business. We provide custom fields and lead capture systems in our platform to accommodate what your business needs and does not waste space with what it does not need. We have built a strong team of experts to help your business thrive.

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